Poly Pokemon Art

Created by artist Matthias Mödl, these renders have a low poly feel to them but high class poke.

The Future is Now with Artwork from Josan Gonzalez

These gorgeous illustrations with the Neal Stephenson vibe come to us from talented artist Josan Gonzalez. Check the kickstarter to get the whole book The Future is Now Volumes I and II. /via

Amazing Iconic Indie Art

These works of art has a funky and interesting perspective on our well known classics. Dr. Zoiberg and Bender / Futurama Calvin and Hobbes Fred Flintstone / The Flintstones Futurama Super Mario and Luigi Captain Hook and Tinkerbell / Peter Pan Charlie Brown / Peanuts   South Park King Kong Link / Zelda Futurama Bioshock Inspector …

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10 Classical Art Hacks for Dummies

Art is everything – everything is art. The classics, however, can be hard to keep track of.  These hacks will give you some advantage the next time your partners folks are in town and you have to put on your cultural hat to impress the living heck out of them.