Norwegian Woman Celebrates Period Blood With New Album and it`s Bloody Amazing

Norwegian woman Jenny Hval is a conceptual artist, singer/songwriter who was recently featured in BBC for celebrating periods. Yup, you heard me. This artists music is more in the alternative indie spectre, and it´s bloody amazing.

“I want menstrual blood to have a huge, creative, real world power,” she told The Pool.


“Period Piece” follows the thematic line of Blood Bitch exploring ideas of menstruation in female vampires. All hail the empowerment of the female body but this sure is an interesting way to express deep feelings for menstruation blood. Honestly tho, when we first picked up the news around this we thought the case was that this artist made actual paintings with the product of womens monthly visitor.


As we are intrigued, and slightly mesmerised, by the fascinating power behind her music we encourage you to check these songs out and let us know what you think – let´s be real, we´re all mad here.

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