Amazing Iconic Indie Art

These works of art has a funky and interesting perspective on our well known classics. Dr. Zoiberg and Bender / Futurama Calvin and Hobbes Fred Flintstone / The Flintstones Futurama Super Mario and Luigi Captain Hook and Tinkerbell / Peter Pan Charlie Brown / Peanuts   South Park King Kong Link / Zelda Futurama Bioshock Inspector… Continue reading Amazing Iconic Indie Art

Beautiful Creative Fashion Designs

These beautiful fashion designs  are creative and leaves everything to imagination. Artist Edgar Artis has created some truly creative designs with playful elements like leafs, flowers, burned matches and aluminum foil. Burned out or burning hot? Lady Gaga would definitely wear something like this in her earlier days. Hot! Ice ice baby.[/caption]

Ten Times You Should(not) Let Your Clothes Speak For You

As somewhat a critical person I tend to notice people wearing these kind of clothes. I cant possibly tell you how many times I’ve actually burst into a huge case of LOL in public over a f*cked up word play on a t-shirt. JUICY written all over your ass is one thing, “Sniffing glue wont… Continue reading Ten Times You Should(not) Let Your Clothes Speak For You