Strange Fruit You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Mother Nature has a way surprising us with the most mesmerising creations, and some of these sure can make a number on you both in taste and visual preferences.


With the size of a grapefruit it takes 11 months to ripen and a hammer or a machete to open its shell.


Mangosteen; “The Queen of Tropical Fruits”
The inside is white, soft and delicious and it has the perfect balance of sweet and sour.


Black Sapote; “Black Chocolate Pudding Fruit”
Sweet with mild nut-like hint of flavour, It’s an excellent substitute for chocolate if you’re trying to avoid caffeine or the extra calories.


Originated from West Africa, migrated to Jamaica and became the Jamaican National Fruit. Both delicious and deadly when eaten improperly.


From Japan with double egged love; This is both a fruit and a vegetable – depends how you eat it. White delicious stuff inside eaten raw as fruit, blue shell cooked and eaten as vegetable.


Related to tomatoes and eggplants, these lantern looking fruits can be used as a substitute for tomatoes – tho a little sweeter.


Not sure if fruit or berry, but wiki tells us these are edible and originated in South America.


Miracle Fruit
Actually, these aren’t sweet at all, but eating only just one of these everything you eat within the next half hour becomes sweet. Perhaps something for students who live on noodles and cheap beer?


Mammee Apple
The mamey (mammea americana) is also known as mammee apple. The mamey has a thick, russet bitter skin and sweet, juicy reddish or yellow flesh, and when ripe can be eaten with a spoon.


You might know this one but the name it self is worthy of some recognition. Pawtastic sweet, custardish flavor somewhat similar to banana, mango, and cantaloupe, varying significantly by source or cultivar, with more protein than most fruits.


Kiwano (African Horned Melon)
Looks simple with its yellow skin but the inside has jelly-like, lime green flesh studded with white seeds reminiscent of cucumber seeds. Sure a mixture of Mother Nature this one.


Buddhas Hand
This is a fruit you dont actually eat but use more as an aroma because of its intense citrus smell. Unlike a lemon its all rind without the juicy pulp in the middle.


Custard Apple / Sugar Apple
Might look like a deformed broccoli but has a soft juicy and sweet inside.


Dragon Fruit
These look intense in colour but taste more similar like a mild kiwi. Juice it, eat it raw, make it into wine – this fruit are low on calories and look damn amazing anywhere.


This is a smelly one, and you either love it or hate it. Its big spikey appearance are some places banned as some people find the smell repulsing, even unopened.


Monstera deliciosa

Native to the rain forests of Central America, Monstera Deliciosatastes tastes like a combination of banana, pineapple, and mango.


Fruit of the Hala
Originated in Hawaii this fruit you dont actually eat, just chew them and spit. Just like when you ‘eat’ sugar cane.


Wax Apple Despite its name, a ripe wax apple only resembles an apple on the outside in colour. It does not taste like an apple, and it has neither the fragrance nor the density of an apple. The colour of its juice depends on the cultivar; it may be purple to entirely colourless.


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