Amazing Iconic Indie Art

These works of art has a funky and interesting perspective on our well known classics. FuturamaDr. Zoiberg and Bender / Futurama Tommy og tigern Calvin and Hobbes Barney Fred Flintstone / The Flintstones cool Futurama cvAkT Super Mario and Luigi DWnmn Captain Hook and Tinkerbell / Peter Pan FXyjH Charlie Brown / Peanuts   i2mSJ South Park kbQ9v King Kong miNe4 Link / Zelda nxxHP Futurama O5m8g Bioshock oI94C Inspector Gadget OoFYB Winnie the Pooh Pica Pica Pikachu / Pokémon Real Life Dexter Dexter / Dexter´s Labratory S6Gte Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sphtd Super Mario and the Princess tHWI3 X-Men TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles WHzs7 Thor, Captain America and Iron Man WKYho Green Lantern Ymroi Buzz Lightyear / Toy Story z12wT Pac Man