Watch Out for Giant Flying Hamburgers in Norway

Norway has a new tourist attraction. And before you think it’s just a hoax, or that someone has put a emoji in the picture or that the driver was high when he reported the encounter we will recommend that you read further. Because Kevin Kildal had a real encounter with a giant hamburger on the Europan Road E6.

– I thought that i was starting to get real tired. It was a totally weird thing to see, said Kildal to NRK.

Kildal was out driving in the middle of the night in middle Norway this week when he saw the last thing he thought he would ever meet on the road.

– I thought it was a moose at first, but when I got closer I saw it was a hamburger about the size of a van. How weird is that?

Hungry for burger

So, Kildal did the thing we all would do when we seeing a giant hamburger on the road. He drove to the side and stepped out of his car to make sure he wasn’t seeing things and of course took pictures of the thing.

– I have previously met moose and fox on the road, there was only a hamburger left on that list.

Kildal admits that he was hungry for a burger after the encounter.

Several reports of flying hamburger

The police got several calls about a giant flying burger which had landed several places the same night. But it was the local newspaper Trønder-Avisa who solved the mystery.  The burger belonged to a fast food restaurant.

– It’s all about a hamburger billboard that we suspect to belong to the fast food restaurant on Røra. It’s pretty huge, said operation officer, Johnny Olsen, in Nord-Trøndelag police district.

– The burger is 2,57 meters and was tied up behind the restaurant. The thiefs were smart enough to steal it, but not to tie it properly during transportation, said the restaurants Chef, Otto Heimdal who picked the hamburger up later that day. 

The chef finally got his hamburger back. Photo: Private