Tromsø Mulls Over Request to DNA Test Left Behind Dog Poop and Fine Lazy Owners

“DNA register all the dogs in Tromsø and send a fine to owners who do not pick up the shit after their dog” says Henrik Romsaas to NRK.

Romsaas works with the green areas in the Norwegian town of Tromsø. Every spring he gets dog owners to pick up the waste from their best friend after the snow disappears. But because of the mild weather the snow is already melting and the waste has turned up early this year. Romsaas claim he picked up 33 dog poops on a 250 meter stretch. And now he is fed up with the problem.

He started his rant on dogs owners on Facebook, and it was also in the social media site where he presented the idea to DNA all dogs in the city and their poop.  And such systems are already in place. Both PooPrints and Mr Dod Poop Inc offers to test the DNA for you.

The system will be self-financing by the fines the dog owners get. The fine will cover the costs.

The city says at first they thought the idea sounded extreme, but after some research they don`t want the to exclude the idea completly. However, it looks like lazy dog owners dont need to worry just yet.

“It sound like a fiercely system to operate, and we are not there yet that the issue is of such an extent that the municipality shall cary on with it.”