To Many Calls to the Norwegian Police Will Get Your Phone Confiscated

“The police emergency number is to the appeal authority if you feel mistreated at the off-licence store.”

This was the tweet that the Norwegian police in Agder sent out after being bothered by the same person over a short time period.

A man called the police emergency number 15 times from the off-licence store before the law enforcement showed up. The man complained about the treatment he got from the employees, but the police didn’t turn up to help him, but to instead confiscate his phone. Which did not improve the man’s mood.

The man was charged with misuse of the emergency number and was driven home by the police.

While the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet interviewed the police regarding the incident, the same man called the police again.

– He obviously had another phone, so now we have to go out and confiscate that too. If he continues we will have to take the man with us as well, said operation officer, Per Christian Klausen, at Agder police district.

But this is neither the only or worst time the past year that a person calls the police unnecessary. The police estimates that 90 percent of the calls doesn’t concern the police.

Just a few days before this incident, the same police district got a call from a man who wanted them to call a taxi for him. This was the tweet for the police then.

“One cannot simply call 112 to order a taxi if you have no money on your phone…we WILL NOT call. Go to the store and purchase a phone card.”

Last summer in another part of the country a man called the emergency number and the public service number 38 times during a night.

The reason? Earlier the same night he was thrown out from a bar by the bouncers for being quarrelsome, and he called the police to know why he was thrown out.

After the 38 calls the man got arrested.