Russian TV: Norway is Out of Vegetables

You can only buy two salads per person in Norwegian grocery stores, this is due to a vegetable crises in the country. So says Russia`s largest TV-station, Channel 1.
Though Times lead to though measures. And it`s not only the salads we Norwegians are rationing, but several vegetables.
– It is for example only allowed to sell a few head of cabbage, broccoli says newscaster, Vremya, on the Russian State TV Channel Pervyj Kanal (Channel 1) seriously according to the Norwegian  newspaper Aftenposten.
But it´s not only the Norwegians who have a severe shortages, the Danish and the Brits aren’t doing so well either.  And its not only rationing we are facing this winter.
– And the priced are going through the roof. Squash and aubergines had been four times more expensive in the past month, writes Pervyj on their online site.

The shelf in vegetables departments  in Norway looks like this according to Russian media.
So how did we and up such a severe shortage on vegetables? It is true that it has been a hard winter for the vegetables distributors in southern Europe. But Norway largest distributor, BAMA, can’t say that it so bad that we need rations.
– The day there will be rationing of vegetables I think we`d know about it, say head of media relation in Bama Hanne Linnert to Aftenposten.
Linnert confirms that unpredictable weather, rain and frost has lead to fewer crops. So there is al title shortages on some vegetables, like salads. This again has shown a small rise in the prices.
– However, the figures presented here we can not recognize, she continues.
An if you thought “all is well after all” the Russian Channel 1 does not agree. According to then it`s only getting worse due to snow and a cold winter in Spain and Italy.
– If the weather does not improve, Europe must do without lemons, claims the Russian news channel.