Police Chase After Llamas and Camels in Southern Norway

Between all the traffic in in Kristiansand, Norway, Sunday morning you could also find two llamas and four camels. These animals are far from common in the country far far north. And the new motorists made some heads turn.

“It was the last thing I expected to see, we didn’t realize what it was at first. We saw blue lights further down the hill, and suddenly a lama came up the hill. The police drove after them with their blue lights on” said Mairi Macdonald to NRK.

Another eyewitness told the journalist that he thought at first thought it was dogs, but when the animals stopped in the roundabout he realized they were way too big for dogs.

The camels and the llamas belonged to the circus, Sirkus Arnardo. It’s not clear how they escaped as circus are not allowed to tied up their animals. The manager of the circus believes that they found a whole in the electric fence.