Pig Intestine Decorated a Norwegian Road

Imagine this: you are out driving, minding your own business, your only concern is the traffic and slippery roads. But something else catches your eyes. Intestines all over the road as far as your eyes can see.

This was the reality for several Norwegian drivers earlier this month. Over 150 kilo pig intestine was spread over a 70 meter stretch on a Norwegian road in the county Vestfold.  It turned out that the intestine came from a trailer who had opened under transportation.

– It was a private person who had bought the intestine at a slaughterhouse and were driving it to a private address in Sandefjord. The tailgate on the trailer came loose or opened up in a turn and then a great deal of the load leapt out on the road, says Deer Jaf, senior engineer at the State road service and construction manager for operations and maintenance in Vestfold.

– It smelled absolutely terrible. We are talking about complete insides of animals. Those who had to clean this up must have struggled a little, says a eyewitness to VG.

Slaughterhouses sell the intestines to private costumers who uses the items during hunting.