Norwegian Woman Is Convinced Shes A Cat

At the age of 16 Norwegian woman Nano realised she was trapped in the wrong body – no, let me re phrase that – wrong species. She hisses at dogs, hates water and claims her night vision is too good to be human. woman-thinks-she-is-a-cat 978x Norway has its corks as a country even despite being crowned as “The worlds best country to live in” several times. Nano is a perfect example of how Nordic sub cultures emerges and we have some theories it might have something to do with the whole four seasons act; environment shapes our personalities – all hypothetical wild guessing of course. Yes mo That being said we praise the weirdos, the ones who dare to stand out because believe ut, the Nordic countries do need some diversity. 30a3e94500000578-3419631-image-m-3_1453923108142 Nano has been featured in Norwegian TV show “The Worlds Richest Country” which is a somewhat satirical interpretation of how the Norwegian culture is – somewhat – fucked up.
Enjoy and emBARK the crazy. We´re laughing, are you?