Norwegian Town Struggles with Drive-By Milkings

The problem with the milk cartons has been going on for three years, according to the newspaper Eidsvoll, Ullensaker Blad. The neighbors tell the newspaper that they always pick up the cartons during spring cleaning, but new ones keep turning up. And it’s always in the right ditch of the road. It is a mystery for all of us. Nobody has seen anyone throwing away milk cartons here, says one of the neighbors Siw Henriksen. Renamed the road  Apparently it’s only the big cartons that contains 1.75 liter, it’s mostly fat milk, but sometimes it’s whole milk. And sometimes the cartons is from Sweden. The neighbors has now renamed that part of the road to the Milky Way. Credit: Milk company without a clue The biggest milk company in  Norway, Tine Melk, has this to say about the mystery. This is strange and not good. Nobody should throw away milk cartons in the nature. This is unknown to Tine. It’s not possible that the cartons has fallen of our trucks because the cartons is stored in containers in closed trucks. So this must have happened after the milk got into the stores. Readers has called in from other parts of the county and says they have the same problem. The mystery spreads It turns out that it’s not only this part of the country that struggles with the milk cartons. A few days after the original story, the newspaper got a call from a reader who told them that they have the same problem. – I saw they lay there for a long time. It’s very strange. There were 20 to 30 cm between them. I’m wondering what this is, says Mari Sigvartsen to the newspaper. This type and size it’s the most typical milk carton that lies in the ditches.