Norwegian Terrorized by Her Neighbor’s Cat

In the past years it can seem like that terrorist are popping up everywhere. Usually the materialize in the human form. However according to a newspaper in West Norway it can seems like Norway got the first terrorist in the feline cat form. The district medical officer in Volda and Ørsta got the unusual complaint. An aggressive cat terrorizes his neighbor and her cat. The plaintive writes that the neighbors cat is aggressive and threatening in such a way that he reduces her and her cat’s quality of life. The district medical officer has now asked the owner of the terrorist cat to implement measures that will improve the condition for the neighbors. The medical officer also came with a few suggestions. “There are many measures that may be revenant and can eliminate or reduce the problem. In worst case scenario, the necessary measures can be to relocate the cat or replace him with a more friendly specimen.” Be safe out there, and watch out for terrorists in cat form (they have nine lives and sharp claws).