Norwegian Slow TV Has Become Too Slow

Norway has become known for their “slow TV” production. Since 2009 there has been four productions of the concept. The fifth, and latest concept started the last week of April this year. The audience could follow the moving of reindeers to their summer place minute by minute.

But the moving has been going too slow, and tv-station NRK had to put the production on hold. The production had a late start when the deers didn’t start their moving according to the production plan. And when they first started to move, they moved too slow.

– The reindeers don’t get dates and airtime. They follow nature’s laws, jokes the project manager Per Ingar A. Åsen.

NRK says they will pick up the production when the reindeers start on their last bit of the trip. At this part they will swim over the water to get to their summer island.

Just for your enjoyment we included an 8 hour long video of the reindeers. See you tomorrow.