Norwegian Psychic Predicts Trump Will Be Assassinated

Joralf Gjerstad, known as “Snåsamannen;” is all known in Norway for his warming healing hands. But he is also known to be psychic. And just a few days before Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America he came with this statement to the local newspaper

“They are going to get him. Trump is going to be shot.”

He does not sat anything about who “they” are or when its going to happen.

In a interview with the same newspaper in 1991 Snåsamannen claimed he predicted the murder of John F. Kennedy 22. November 1963. According to him, he told a few friends about what was going to happen, and they were all shocked when it did.

The 90-year old healer is now living in a nursing home Gjerstad claims that his ability to heal people comes from his Christian faith, and that is not the only one in the family with psychic powers. He became famous all over in Norway in 2008 when it was written a book about his abilities. A documentary was made last year and broke several records in Norwegian cinemas.