Norwegian Customs Confiscates Half a Ton of Ovaries

Custom officers and the manufacturer cannot understand the huge amount of hen ovaries that was found on the border between Norway and Sweden last Tuesday.

The huge amount was found in a van driven by a Swede. But the ovaries were not the only thing Norwegian custom officers found, the also uncovered 38 kilos of hen intestinal. According to the driver both items was going to be used in food production.

Surprised officers

Office manager at the Norwegian Custom Department East, Per Kristian Grandahl, the custom officers was surprised over what they found.

– They wondered what in the world what is was as it looked pretty particularly.

– Now we know how the uterus to a hen looks like, says Grandahl to

The ovaries was found in these packages. Credits:

Swedish hen

The items were produced by a Swedish slaughterhouse. But even they can’t explain why the driver had such a huge amount. And they were surprised when NRK called about the findings.
“We have no idea what was the purpose of such a large batch. Maybe it was going to a restaurant or grocery store.” says Karolis Mintautas ved Håkantorp slakteri to NRK.
Mintautas confirmed that the unusual items are used in food production. Usually in meat dishes, but can also be used in soups.
Both the ovaries and intestinal have now been disposed of by custom.