If Tim Burton Directed Disney Movies

As the beautiful and colorful fall is approaching artist Andrew Tarusov gives us a royal, elegant and dark kick in the feels with these. Disney will always have a special place in our hearts but the magical darkness of BurtonsĀ“ universe is unbeatable. 23fe5e_1e4cb03b38c24792923cc6b94108ec18 23fe5e_99d2c9307a59491f87109c9e7508ef15 23fe5e_167ffd7494fc46658e48fddc62688879 23fe5e_302e0018c62346ed98d1017b8fc7cd8b 23fe5e_a426098a9dd94b0db71bafd631dcc468 23fe5e_aa36724c16044b8db72a6bd68a77ac03 23fe5e_c71c06cb3bdd470d9de1288453c61eca 23fe5e_c85cf22a0b2f4fd1956f93dfc5c2c6f8 23fe5e_d42ae9aa605f4c4c843e387adc439b0a 23fe5e_ffbd73f49f2547fb8063a6797af61b8b  
Edit: Disney has announced that they will remake 19 of their classics, and Tim Burton will direct Dumbo. Joy!