Photos That Perfectly Fit Together

Some good vibes for your zen. It´s mesmerizing how this artist managed to perfectly balance out these photos. Some a little mind fucking but I sure would not mind having a couple of these on my wall for the sake of balancing out the beautiful randomness of life.

Breakups: Long Term vs. Short Term Relationships

This animated series by C. Cassandra perfectly describes the timeline of a long term versus a short term relationship breakup. Sometimes it might just be a good idea to get out before its too late. Ladies, dont get more than one cat. Please. Ever.

2 Year Old Adorably Renames Dad’s Pokemon

Well isn’t this just the cutest. Pokedad of the year renamed his Pokemon Go characters to whatever his kid said they looked like. Aww Accurate Yup Nailed it And they are everywhere! Um ya Aroo? Yes! Yup Hissss Yeah… Bravo! Adorable Um, you slay me kiddo /via Imgur

If Barbie Was a Hacker

Since the first Barbie Doll hit the stores in 1954 the endless discussion on female appearance and beauty ideals has been roaming the good ol` web. Barbie is a doll. A piece of dressed up plastic has had a bigger influence on society than the god damn safety pin(no source just raging guess). Who says you …

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Wanted Milkshake, Ends Up In Hilarious Situation at McDonalds

So this guy was going for a late night milkshake run at McDonalds and tweeted the whole seanse from beginning to end. Read it all the way through, believe me – its worth it and you`ll be left just as clueless and confused as we are. Milkshake? Wife? Sandwich? Have a Pie.

10 Classical Art Hacks for Dummies

Art is everything – everything is art. The classics, however, can be hard to keep track of.  These hacks will give you some advantage the next time your partners folks are in town and you have to put on your cultural hat to impress the living heck out of them.

The Most Butt Ugly Cars of All Time

There are over 1.2 billion cars out there. And most of them are pretty damn ugly. You would think car design would be improving over time and perhaps it is. However these photos say otherwise.

Signs It Might Be Hot Outside

Summer is a wonderful time of year. It’s all about the beach, the BBQs and of course the sweat in parts of your body you didn’t know you had. That’s right folks, it’s getting hot out there. How hot exactly? Well here’s a few signs to look out for before venturing too far.

When You See It…

A bunch of images you’ll stare at for awhile and in some cases see it…