Boy ALMOST Bit by a Viper

The media is constantly accused, sometimes accurately, that they only publish clickbait stories with no real content. And the press was always much better at their job in the past. But is this true? This story from a local newspaper in Norway from 1979 may contradict the past statement.  You don’t have to read more than the headline to see what I mean. And as a gift to you readers we will publish the whole story for 1979:

“Boy almost bit by a viper

It was around six o’clock in the evening that a beast of a viper came sliding up against a boy in Amenningsvegen. The snake slide past the boy, it was as close as 11 meters before I turned in the direction of Odda Hospital. Nobody has seen it since. This means that it is still out there. The Sheriff asks people to be careful. The boy is now in the care of his grandmother who says that she also has seen a viper once. “

We just love that newspapers writes about these stories (so we can write about them later, even some 30 years later.) For the record, viper are the only kind of snake you can find in Norway and are pretty common.