The Most Perfect GIF You’ll Ever See

Internet sure is a theatre of varieties, and this – this my friend – this is perfection. Cant. Stop. Staring.

Most perfect gif

Is it a DNA-machine?

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The Pure Elegance of Synchronised Swimmers

We’ve all tried that sexy hair whip coming out of the water, unfortunately it takes a couple of shots before that pic is Instagram ready. Synchronized swimmers are a rare breed, and as their elegant moves bedazzle us as a whole, these snapshots takes the elegance out of the context..


Its a bird, its a duck, its a swan!


Zo Zombie


“I’ll eat your face off”




Don’t know if mad or afraid.







Yes we know this is an olympic sport and that synchronized swimmers are serious athletes, but come on – this is pretty funny.

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If Barbie Was a Hacker

Since the first Barbie Doll hit the stores in 1954 the endless discussion on female appearance and beauty ideals has been roaming the good ol` web. Barbie is a doll. A piece of dressed up plastic has had a bigger influence on society than the god damn safety pin(no source just raging guess). Who says you cant be good looking and smart? Hacker Barbie FTW.

barbie 4


“What the fuck is this shit, Brian?” Barbie asked while looking at the DVD he handed to her. “Have you ever heard of GitHub? It´s how we share code in 2016. Damn it, my laptop doesn´t even have a DVD drive!”

“Hey, Barbie,” says Brian. “I´m just dropping by to see how you`re doing!” Brian pulls this shit six times a day. Brian´s friend Steve is cute. But he indents using tabs! Barbie knows she and Steven would never work out.

barbie 7

Right before Barbie goes to commit her changes, her screen flashes and the computer reboots.
“Shit,” says Barbie. “Looks like you´ve got a virus, big sister” says Skipper. “Its Ubuntu, you scrub, ” replies Barbie, ” and it´s and unstable piece of crap. Fuck this, I´m going to install Arch like i should have.”

barbie 6


“Need any help?”, asked Steven. “No thanks”, said Barbie, “I´m doing HTML with my left hand and CSS with my right, so there´s no spare keyboard”. “What about JavaScript?”, asked Brian.
“I´ll just bang my head on the desk”, replied Barbie.

barbie 5

Skipper has been implementing a new programming language for the last 48 hours straight. Barbie, worried that Skipper may have lost her grip on reality, insisted that she take a break or risk severe burn out. Skipper refused.

“Jesus fuck me sideways with a sandblaster how did the PM convince the lead it was good idea to merge the update UI branch on the day before Thanksgiving?”

barbie 1

“Fuck this thing and fuck it again,” Barbie types into her console. She hits enter an commits her changes. “Fucking PHP”, she mulls. “I should have never taken on this bug-ridden legacy project. But hopefully ill amke it onto Commit Logs From Last Night!”

barbie 3

“Look Skipper, I´m not trying to get into a god-damn holy war here,” Barbie says, “all I´m saying is that by the time your Emacs setup has loaded I´ve already coded half the physics engine in Vim. And have you ever tried to do CTRL-X or CTRL-C on a Dvorak keyboard? Jesus Christ.”

barbie 9

“Can anybody tell me what this is?” said Ms. Smith, “Yes”, said Barbie, ” A packet that causes a buffer overflow in the school webserver”. “you aren´t going to pass this class with attitude like that, young lady”, said Ms. Smith sternly. ” The school database says I already got an A”, replied Barbie.

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Wanted Milkshake, Ends Up In Hilarious Situation at McDonalds

So this guy was going for a late night milkshake run at McDonalds and tweeted the whole seanse from beginning to end. Read it all the way through, believe me – its worth it and you`ll be left just as clueless and confused as we are. Milkshake? Wife? Sandwich? Have a Pie.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Performance Artist Lets Strangers Fondle Her Boobs And Vagina

So we`ve all been there, right? Eh no. Performance artist Milo Moiré is known for pushing boundaries of public acceptance, and was last year arrested for taking nude selfies in the Eiffel Tower. Some people has no limits getting their art out there – and all hail.


She invited people over 18 to reach in and touch her boobies..


…. and her (not anymore so) private parts. The performances are an homage to a 1968 piece titled Touch Cinema by Austrian artist Valie Export.


She performed in Düsseldorf with a mirrored box over her bare breasts, but in Amsterdam and London, she wore a trapezoidal mirrored box over her waist, inviting onlookers to touch her genitals for 30 seconds each.

So anyone could do this, right? You would? Cool, go do it and get back to us.


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Ten Times You Should(not) Let Your Clothes Speak For You

As somewhat a critical person I tend to notice people wearing these kind of clothes. I cant possibly tell you how many times I’ve actually burst into a huge case of LOL in public over a f*cked up word play on a t-shirt. JUICY written all over your ass is one thing, “Sniffing glue wont keep families together” is another.


Seems like someone had some fun and now realising dropping acid alone in a park might not be the best idea..


For your sake i hope you own a gas station.

The one item my kid definitely will own one day.


So many scenarios, so many jokes: error


On every Asians bucket list.


Well okey then. Intervention time?


All millennials all day erry day


So I guess dad went shopping in Jersey Shore again


Im sure there is a context in here somewhere but all I´m thinking is that these two are not really concerned with genders. Love it, lock it, cock it.

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10 Classical Art Hacks for Dummies

Art is everything – everything is art. The classics, however, can be hard to keep track of.  These hacks will give you some advantage the next time your partners folks are in town and you have to put on your cultural hat to impress the living heck out of them.

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