Armed Police Action Over Tuna Oil in Norway

A large police force went to a home address in the title town Sunndalsøra in Norway.

– We have armed police on their way right now. We have received notification that there is a threatening person with a knife in a home with several residents, said operation officer in the police, Siri Engdal, to the newspaper Tidens Krav, shortly after they received the alarm.

Later it turned at that it was an argument over tuna oil that started the brawl and threats with a knife amongst the residents.

Five people were cooking dinner, and then they started arguing about the oil in the tuna box. Some of them wanted to use the oil, others wanted to throw it away.  The chef at the party then threw a frying pan after the others and then took his knife out, but he never tried to stab anyone.

By the time the police arrived the situation had calmed down, but the chef was brought in for questioning by the police.