92 Band Names as Emojis

🔨 🎃 = Smashing Pumpkins 👑 = Cher 🕹 🔥 = Arcade Fire 🏖 🏠 = Beach House 🎂 = Cake 📺📻 = TV On The Radio ❌❌ = The XX 🌭🌊 = Frank Ocean 👏🗣👍 = Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 🔚♻☸ = Nirvana 📿🍯 = Pearl Jam 😎👯 = Kool and the Gang …

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Books for the Modern Day Internet

The internet has changed the way people freak out and generally overreact to every tiny little event, perhaps some old school books could be of help here?

Deep Thoughts from the Shower

The shower is by far the best place to gather your thoughts. In there you’re alone and your mind is both literally and figuratively clean. It’s the little corner of the house perfect for epiphanies like these.

Timing is Everything

Sometimes timing is a pain and sometimes the randomness causes for some magical moments.

Russian Girl Takes Selfies to A Higher Level

This girl is serious about her YOLO´ing and gotta say – we’re pretty damn impressed. Our hearts are racing and we feel inspired to push some limits for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Any takers out there?

The Best of Angry Phelps Face Memes

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was caught on camera displaying what some might call a “game face”. Naturally that lit the internet on fire and the memes flowed. Here are some of our favorites.

Stunning Time Lapse Scenes

Nature tends to move a little slow. So these time lapses do a good job to capture her beauty just a little bit better.

The Tunnel People Of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well known for its gambling and wild night life. It’s less known for its 200 miles of sprawling underground channels where over 1000 residents call home.

Poly Pokemon Art

Created by artist Matthias Mödl, these renders have a low poly feel to them but high class poke.

The Future is Now with Artwork from Josan Gonzalez

These gorgeous illustrations with the Neal Stephenson vibe come to us from talented artist Josan Gonzalez. Check the kickstarter to get the whole book The Future is Now Volumes I and II. /via behance.net/F1xed

Pokemon Celebrity Evolutions

Pokemon GO requires you to evolve the various Pokemon to level up and make the more bad ass. So naturally internet people with too much free time took this concept and applied it to celebrity evolutions. The results are both hilarious and shocking.